Md. Mikail Hossain
B.Sc.Ag (Hons) in Agriculture MS in Agricultural Chemistry 16 yrs of experience in Agribusiness Sales and Marketing for Both B2B & B2C
Md. Mikail Hossain

Qualifications and Skills

Professional Qualifications

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Product Group Manager-Crops
2022 to 2023 Cultive8 Technologies Limited

Product Portfolio Growth: Strategizing and diversifying Crop Care, Seed, and Fertilizer product portfolio.
Market Optimization: Conducting market segmentation and analysis for enhanced offerings.
Digital Solutions: Creating effective digital tools to enhance product effectiveness.
Performance Reporting: Regularly reporting key metrics for informed decision-making.
Cross-functional collaboration: Collaborating across teams for organizational success and growth.

Manager-BD to DGM (Sales & Marketing)
2016 to 2022 Glorious Crop Care Limited (Krishibid Group)

Spearheaded strategic branding and market expansion, elevating existing brands and introducing innovative products to the market.
Demonstrated financial acumen by analyzing budgets, creating annual plans, and efficiently managing expenditures, consistently meeting or exceeding sales targets.
Pioneered market research and market intelligence efforts, providing valuable insights into consumer needs, market trends, and competitive landscapes.
Successfully managed and coached cross-functional sales teams, fostering a culture of high performance and achieving sales and marketing objectives.
Cultivated strong client relationships, identified new business opportunities, and contributed to the growth and profitability of the organization.

Senior Officer-BD to Area Manager (Sales & Marketing)
2009 to 2016 Rahimafrooz Group

Rahimafrooz – CIC Agro Limited (January 2012 to January 2016):
  • Established a strong and extensive business network across multiple divisions in Bangladesh, specializing in agricultural inputs, machinery, and equipment.
  • Took on a leadership role in organizing seed producers under the Small & Medium Seed Producer Association (SMSPA) banner, contributing to agricultural development.
  • Led successful initiatives to promote specific rice varieties and expand market presence, achieving sustainable sales growth rates of 25% to 30%.
  • Managed the meticulous production of 500 MT of foundation-class rice seeds, ensuring quality and availability.
Rural Services Foundation (RSF) (July 2009 to December 2011):
  • Balanced diverse responsibilities in agribusiness development and supply chain management, contributing to the organization's reach and impact.
  • Played a key role in client interaction, project management, and oversight of engineering projects in the Rural Renewable Energy sector, including Biogas plants and Solar Home systems.
  • Actively identified funding opportunities and played a crucial role in proposal preparation.
  • Successfully oversaw the establishment of multiple Biogas plants and distribution of Solar Home systems, enhancing sustainable energy solutions in Khulna and Barisal Divisions.

Educational Background

Master's of Science in Agrultural Chemistry
2005 to 2007 Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymeningh

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
1999-2003 (held in 2005) Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh

Secondary & Higher Secondary School Certificate
1987 to 1999 Jashore Educational Board, Jashore

Professional Training & Certifications

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Organized by Execudemy

Conscious Leadership & Productivity Management

Organized by Execudemy

Advanced Sales Leadership

Organized by Ltd.

Negotiations Skills and Persuasive Force

Organized by Ltd.

Pure Advance Excel and PowerPoint

Organized by Logic Prodigy

Digital Marketing Mastery

Organized by IDEAN Consulting

Marketing Funnel Mastery

Organized by IDEAN Consulting

Digital Marketing Blueprint

Organized by IDEAN Consulting

Development of Climate Change Proposal for Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Organized by BRAC

Occupational Health & Safety – It’s Laws & Practices

Organized by Compliance Training (BD) Ltd.

Chemical Management & It’s Compliance

Organized by Compliance Solution Group


Life Member

Krishibid Institute Bangladesh, Khamarbari, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Helping Organization for Poor & Energetic Students, Mymensingh, Bangladesh


BAU Alumni Association, Mymensingh, Bangladesh


International Association of Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS)

Associate Member

Bangladesh Entomology Society

Associate Member

Bangladesh Crop Protection Association

Associate Member

Bangladesh Society of Agronomy (BSA)

Associate Member

Bangladesh Seed Association






Amnesty International

Key Skills

Effective Communication

A cornerstone of my skill set, ensuring clear and impactful interactions in every professional endeavor.

Strategic Sales Management

Guiding sales efforts with foresight, precision, and innovation to drive business success.

Trade & Promotional work

Crafting strategic campaigns and initiatives to boost brand visibility and drive sales growth.

Negotiation & Decision Making

Leveraging expertise to navigate complex discussions and make informed choices that drive success.

Complex Problem Solving

Harnessing analytical thinking and creativity to unravel intricate challenges and drive solutions

Relationship Management

Training & Development

Key Account Management

Strategic Development

Sales & Marketing


Career Chronicles: Expertise Unveiled

Success in my career is not a destination; it's a continuous journey of growth and accomplishment.

My expertise is the result of years of dedication and a commitment to lifelong learning.

In my career, I've learned that challenges are opportunities in disguise, and I embrace them with confidence.

Every decision I make in my career is a step toward my vision of success.

My career is a canvas, and every achievement is a brushstroke of accomplishment.

I lead with passion, inspire with knowledge, and achieve with determination.

My professional journey is a testament to my resilience and unwavering commitment.

The key to my success lies in my ability to adapt, innovate, and lead.

I believe in the power of my expertise to make a positive impact in my field and beyond.

Every milestone in my career is a testament to my unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.

My career is a canvas, and every achievement is a brushstroke of accomplishment.

Mastering Success: The Art of Communication, Sales, and Team Building

Effective Communication


Strategic Sales Management


Team Building


Negotiation & Decision Making


Customer Service


Linguistic Proficiency

Proficiency in Bengali Being a native speaker with a deep proficiency in both spoken and written Bengali, I bring a unique advantage to the table. My linguistic skills extend beyond mere communication; they enable me to foster genuine cultural understanding. This fluency allows for not only seamless interactions but also a deeper appreciation of the nuances, traditions, and subtleties of the Bengali culture, which can be invaluable in building strong relationships, bridging gaps, and navigating diverse scenarios with finesse.

English Language Proficiency I possess advanced fluency in the English language, both in spoken and written communication. This proficiency enables me to effectively engage with a diverse range of individuals, clients and colleagues in an international context. My strong command of English facilitates clear and concise communication, making it an asset in professional and cross-cultural settings.